Balance Wellness Acupuncture 

Balance Wellness

     Balance  =   Wellness

Balance Wellness

          Balance Wellness Acupuncture Centre  

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Our Misson

•    Single-use sterile needles
•    Private treatment room 
•    Clean and comfortable environment
•    Relaxing atmosphere
•    Services covered by some
 extended  health insurances


Welcome to the Balance Wellness Acupuncture Clinic website. We put your health and well being first. Our clinic provides specific Acupuncture, Osteapathy and Acupuncture related treatments to promote balance in your body. Balance is the key to health. We invite you to peruse our pages about our information, and come to our clinic.

Our mission is to provide quality alternative health services to the community. We aim at promoting natural wellness and alleviating sickness by restoring the delicate balance of the body. We strive to bring our clients the best value and highest quality of acupuncture treatment services in Kingston.